Let's talk tech

... and let's be clear.
"Frontend" is not about semantic markup and CSS.
It was.
Welcome to the modern frontend.


Functional Reactive Programming

Buzzword dictionary

  • "Scalability"
  • "Performance"
  • "High performance teams"

What is scalability?

Single page application tools

  • react, vue, angular

  • nextjs, gatsby, nuxtjs


  • RxJS

  • Marbles

  • SignalR


  • Testing library

  • Jest

  • Marble testing


  • Rush Stack

  • Heft

  • Api extractor

  • Typescript

Technologies we (currently) love

The frontend ecosystem is evolving fast. The technologies highlighted are the ones we currently enjoy working with.

We know a lot more technologies than the ones listed, so don't hesitate contacting us for any other requests.

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