We help teams build scalable frontend architectures

We believe in helping teams navigate the complexities of frontend architecture and empowering them to build scalable solutions with confidence.

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Our services

We provide our expertise in different ways to support multiple aspects of development, solution design and team improvements. Our services are split into two main tracks:

Our experience

We are advising, working with and leading frontend projects at scale every day. We are constantly challenging current technologies, frameworks and ways of working to take the projects even further.

We confidently lead frontend teams of 10+ developers to reach their goals while building high performance teams and continuously improve knowledge and skills.

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    "Vembyte has provided more than just proficient development resources. They were equally engaged in defining a strategy path for our tech stack, upgrading and sparring with our in-house team, and assisting with qualifying and hiring the right individuals for our team."

    Anders Pold
    Head of Digital Customer Experience

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    "Vembyte meets the client's reality and the challenges they face. Furthermore, they are responsive and skilled at delving into the client's problems and translating those problems into concrete, useful solutions. They respond extremely quickly, are extremely adaptable, and are always ready to contribute solutions. They are excellent at constructively challenging the client and bringing new, well-planned initiatives that have significantly raised the level of our platform."

    Sara Aboali Andersen
    VP, Corporate Projects

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    "Vembyte has been in charge of the full development of the ExamCookie Mac client and furthermore helped in the advisory regarding database and concept development. They have, through out our long cooperation, always solved the requested task on time and we are very satisfied in the choice of Vembyte as a developing partner. There have been a good communication through out the project in a personal and professional manner."

    Morten Claudius Jakobsen

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    "Vembyte is working very professional and they are always very flexible. Response times are very short, and they always deliver an unique peace of work. In regarding to our newest project, Vembyte has again shown their expertise, where multiple advanced systems should be connected globally in an embedded environment."

    Bjarne Mik Kobbernagel

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Meet the team

The team is small yet very powerful, consisting of only very skilled people with the same big passion. We support each other in everything we do, and never work alone. We share love for the tech but have different areas of interest.
All together this creates the perfect synergy.

About us
Vembyte Team 2024

What we really do

"Frontend" is the common name. What we really do is Functional Reactive Programming (FRP). We code declaratively, event driven and functional and we code with the concepts of time.
FRP is much more than just web development and we have utilized it across many platforms.

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