We help teams build scalable frontend architectures

And we do so because we believe business critical software needs to be anchored deeply within the company itself. No heavy dependencies to third party agencies building up bureaucracy and providing less value.

How we work

Our services

We provide our expertise in different ways to support multiple aspects of development, solution design and team improvements. Our services are split into two main tracks:

TDDCode ReviewCode RulesCode Split

Our developer compass

In aspect of both co-development and advising we are guided by 4 core principles that help us succeed with our mission to build scalable frontend architectures. We train them, apply them, and are guided by them in everything we do.

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Our experience

We are advising, working with and leading frontend projects at scale every day. We are constantly challenging current technologies, frameworks and ways of working to take the projects even further.

We confidently lead frontend teams of 10+ developers to reach their goals while building high performance teams and continuously improve knowledge and skills.

Føtex Home Delivery

State of the art microservice frontend with a high performance development team.

For web, iOS and Android powered by React and React Native.

Leading the development and actively bumping team skills and knowledge.

Bilka, føtex & BR e-commerce platform

Big scale ecommerce platform build with MACH architecture.

+60.000 statically, incrementially generated pages.

Great focus on performance budgets and build times.

Meet the team

The team is small yet very powerful, consisting of only very skilled people with the same big passion. We support each other in everything we do, and never work alone. We share love for the tech but have different areas of interest.
All together this creates the perfect synergy in the team.

About us

What we really do

"Frontend" is the common name. What we really do is Functional Reactive Programming (FRP). We code declaratively, event driven and functional and we code with the concepts of time.
FRP is much more than just web development and we have utilized it across many platforms.

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