What we do

To achieve our mission to support development teams in building and improving frontend architectures, we offer support from a - z, including: writing code, refining tasks, planning sprints, structuring dev processes, conducting code reviews, hosting workshops, designing architectures, creating deployment pipelines and more.

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Writing code

Throughputting actual code and solving real problems and feature requests

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Reviewing code

Ensuring quality as well as knowledge sharing by making constructive code reviews

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Agile planning

Enabling parallel work streams by refining, estimating and decomposing tasks

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Tech lead

Leading a development team and bridging the gap between the dev team and the business

Collaborative Development

Collaborative development is focused on a close day to day engagement, developing side by side with your development team. We bring our specialized knowledge and scaled experience to help you reach your goal. Depending on your team level and setup, we can help you solve that very difficult technical issue, or we can guide you all the way through the many choices awaiting you. We can also improve your QA by focusing heavily on code reviews and support your team's continuous improvement.


Our advice track is contrary to co-dev more focused on a strategic level. It doesn't require day to day engagement but rather precise consulting on demand. Its main purpose is often to build high performance development teams, starting all the way from the recruiting to personal mentoring to high level decisions on architecture and team composition.

By utilizing our specialized knowledge and extensive experience, you can make better decisions and increase the chances of success.

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Developer mentoring

One to one mentorship of key employees focusing on mental models of good development practices

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Supporting big decisions with objective analysis, knowledge and experience

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Technical interviews

Conducting effective technical interviews to bring you an objective assessment of a potential new hire

How can we help?

Do not hesitate to reach out if you are interested in any of our services. If you recognize any of the following statements then we may be able to help you.

We love working together with awesome dev teams that share the same passion as we do!

  • Are you planning to migrate to a modern microservice architecture?

  • Are you eager to learn and explore new ways of developing like test driven development?

  • Are you rarely accomplishing your desired sprint goals?

  • Are you facing big and challenging decisions you don't feel confident about due to the lack of knowledge in the paradigm of reactive programming?

  • Are you facing scalability issues in terms of build times, site performance or team velocity?

  • Are you interested in reducing cost and time to market by sharing code across stacks and technologies?

The technical aspect

We offer our services within a wide span of technologies within the reactive paradigm. We honor the right choice of technology for a given case and believe our horizon needs to be wide spanned to accommodate for the best decisions possible. Choosing a technology just because "it worked last time" doesn't cut it for us.

As the paradigm is moving so overwhelmingly fast we continuously invest significant time and effort into the research and analysis of new technologies, workflows etc.

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