Our story

From the very beginning in 2013, we at Vembyte, have been committed to staying ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest technologies. Our team has always been at the forefront of modern frontend development, constantly learning and adapting to the latest advancements in our field. Our dedication has allowed us to gain highly valuable insights and experience which we use to help every team we work together with. We believe that knowledge and experience are key to building frontend architectures that drive success. That’s why we are devoted to sharing our expertise with you and your team, so you can continue to grow and adapt your architecture as your business evolves.

Meet our specialized team

Each highly skilled.
Each with a dedicated interest in some areas of the paradigm.
Each with a theoretical education like computer science.
Each with a background in "backend" development.

All specialists.


Frederik Vembye

Tonny Greiner

Tonny Greiner


Kristian Jørgensen
UX Designer


Steffen Krohn Storgaard
Scalability Specialist


Jacob Schwartz Sørensen
Native App Specialist


Jesper Damgaard
Design Systems Specialist


Rune Bak Jacobsen
Reactive Systems Specialist


Anton Gregersen
Automated Test Specialist


Haris Husetic
API & Server Specialist


Lucas Paulsen
Frontend Specialist


Mads Freitag
Junior Developer


Mathias Gadfelt
Junior Developer

We believe in...

Computer with heart


Passion is our fuel and what brings us together in the world of endless development possibilities.
It makes us pursue the new technologies and inspires us to go further.



Knowledge is king and we love theory. We believe knowledge about low level computer theory is of great importance even working on high abstraction levels.

User within protection


Neither passion nor knowledge is enough, if not managed. Reliability and responsibility is what bring our skills to the next level. We say what we do but most importantly we do what we say.

Turning obstacles into opportunities

our expertise in collaboration with your team

As our company continues to grow, we are gaining a reputation for delivering high-quality, unique, effective and reliable work. Our expertise lies in developing customized reactive systems in collaboration with our customers’ in-house teams, tailoring solutions to meet your specific needs. We take our responsibility as advisors and leaders seriously and work closely with our customers to ensure that all questions are answered and that your needs are met.

Today, Vembyte is a thriving company with a team of talented developers who continue to work with passion and perseverance, while supporting your team during the development of reactive systems. We have helped a great variety of businesses across industries, from startups to large corporations, achieve their goals with our collaborative and innovative approach to software development. We have quickly grown to be a force to be reckoned with in the industry.

Team building

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