About us

Vembyte was established in 2013 and has ever since been working passionately with development of reactive systems. Being on board the early stages of the modern frontend has taught us how to constantly stay on top of the latest technologies.

What support our mission is our three core values: Passion, Knowledge and Responsibility


Passion is our fuel and what brings us together in the world of endless development possibilities.
It makes us pursue the new technologies and inspires us to go further.


Knowledge is king and we love theory. We believe knowledge about low level computer theory is of great importance even working on high abstraction levels.


Neither passion nor knowledge is enough, if not managed. Reliability and responsibility is what bring our skills to the next level. We say what we do but most importantly we do what we say.

Meet our specialized team

Each highly skilled.
Each with a dedicated interest in some areas of the paradigm.
Each with a theoretical education like computer science.
Each with a background in "backend" development.

All specialists.

Frederik Vembye

Steffen Krohn Storgaard
Scalability Specialist

Jacob Schwartz Sørensen
Native App Specialist

Jesper Damgaard
Design Systems Specialist

Rune Bak Jacobsen
Reactive Systems Specialist

Anton Gregersen
Automated Test Specialist

Join us

We are always looking for new colleges that share the same passions as we do. If you have a solid background in computer science, but are not yet fully up to speed when it comes to functional reactive programming, don't worry, we can take you rest of the way!

We would love to hear from you!

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