How we work

We believe business critical software needs to be anchored deeply within your company. This is the main reason why we build WITH you and not for you. No matter the quality, the effort or the time spent in an agency setup (where the project is being fully outsourced), it will never be or become anchored internally as if it was made with you.

So in short: We love to build, design, discuss, disagree, challenge and succeed with you, so that when we are near the end of the project, your team is fully confident taking the project even further.

Developer compass

When we think scalability and join your team, we always bring 4 important guiding principles with us. They help us achieve our mission of true scalability as well as ensuring full transparency and sharing of knowledge along the way.

Click the 4 principles to learn what they mean to us and why we think they are so important.

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Test Driven Development

One of the claimed benefits of working agile is faster time to market by enabling small and frequent deployments. Small and frequent releases are not possible in a "manual validation" setup. Instead, relying on heavily tested code will provide you the confidence it takes to deploy fully agile.

Applying testing in a test driven way is the cherry on top, providing multiple other benefits like cleaner code, less risk of scope creeping, and many more.


For us, the ultimate success is when we've helped you reach your goal, have improved your developers along the way and finally your dev team is ready to confidently take the project further without our active engagement.

Achieving this takes a lot of teamwork, knowledge sharing, discussions and documentation, but it is possible.


We believe anchoring the code, the project, the decisions, and the know-how inside your organization is key to long term success. Keeping the project close and internally usually means reduced costs, less bureaucracy and ultimately solutions that are tighter aligned with the demands.

Apart from direct business value, working our way also brings the benefit of bumping the skills of internal developers.